For your foundation renovations projects.

Foundation renovations often require the building to be lift, even to be moved in some cases.

Choquette et Courchesne is committed to work hand in hand with the other building trades, not only to make our work easier, but also to reduce the costs of your works. It would be our pleasure to put you in touch with the best specialists of your area.

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  • Building lifting

    Whether to repair the foundation, replace it or simply increase the basement height, we have the equipment and the expertise to do it quick and safely, while meeting your budget.

  • Building moving

    If your building fits your needs but is located at the wrong place, we will do everything we can to give it a second life on a new location, thus avoiding its demolition. We have the permits and the expertise to move all types of building. Whether small or large, conventional or unconventional, we handle every shipment just like if it was ours.

  • House Installation and levelling

    Because of the harsh climate in Quebec, we must be really careful when it comes to install a house on stilts or on cement block pillars. We have all the equipment to laser level your house, that way its foundations will resist to any climate condition. In order to minimize the damage to your house and lot, all of our works are done with cutting edge technologies.

  • Structural straightening and structural shoring

    The building structure might weaken over time, thus compromising its solidity. Whether it consists of a sagging floor, a leaning wall or even an old crooked hangar, we have the tools and the skills to not only to straighten it, but also to keep it that way: straight.